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Friday, May 21, 2010

A friend of mine on Facebook recently joined a group called, "Stay Off My Property and Keep Your Hands Off My Money".

What do people mean when they say that?

I went to the website to see what they meant. Well, it's not a "they" it's a guy named Frank Colacone. At least that's how he identifies himself there. As I was looking around to see if I could find a purpose I found this, "Islam Will Not Be Tolerated In the United States. Keep Your Shit in The Middle East or Face The Consequences." Now it reads, "An Islamist takeover Will Not Be Tolerated In the United States. Keep Your Shit in The Middle East or Face The Consequences. Let us Send C.A.I.R Packing!"

Now, there really is a world of difference in those 2 statements. The first does not sound at all consistent with the name of the group. The second, more so. When I read some of the posts in that group there was much anti muslim talk going on. I found this inconsistent. There is a gaping contradiction between that statement and the name of the group.

What would be the root of "Stay Off My Property and Keep Your Hands Off My Money?" It seems to me it has the same root as "don't tell me what I can and can't do as long as I am not interfering with your rights." So, to say "Islam Will Not Be Tolerated In the United States." and "Stay Off My Property and Keep Your Hands Off My Money." creates a contradiction. If someone wants to practise a religion, isn't telling them they can't the same as putting your hands on their property?

I read more on the page and see some things that are consistent with the title and then a lot of slams against muslims and against those who don't speak English. Somehow categories of people are created in his mind that don't get to say, "Stay Off My Property and Keep Your Hands Off My Money". How does that work? Wouldn't it go both ways if it has any legitimate moral value?

Does he mean by that; taxing agencies should keep their hands off his money? Does he mean he should not have to ask permission to build on his property? Does he mean he should not have to ask permission to start a business on his property? Does he mean he should not be told people cannot smoke on his property? Tobacco or anything else that is smokable? I don't know. I haven't asked him. I decided I really needed to add a post to my blog, rather than ask him. I'll link to this in his blog and if he wants to read it he will see the questions here and can answer them.

What do all those things in the above paragraph mean? If you think those things are not included in the meaning of the phrase, why aren't they? Have you created a category of people in your head that can come onto your property and put their hands on your money? Why? What is so special about those people that they get to come onto your property and take your money?

Here's what I mean when I say, "Stay Off My Property and Keep Your Hands Off My Money". I mean exactly that with no exceptions. I mean if I want to start a business on my property I don't have to beg permission from anyone. If I want to allow people to smoke in my establishment I don't have to listen to anyone but my customers. I mean I don't have to comply with a bunch of arbitrary regulations imposed upon me by people who have no financial interest in my well being. I mean no one can take my money against my will, which includes those who allege some claim to my money under the guise of "taxation". Are there people who will kill me rather than accept that I mean what I say? Lots of them. Are there more of them employed by government in one form or another than there are regular people on the street? Am I "permitted" to defend myself from any of them? Am I "prohibited" from defending myself from any of them? Why? Why am I not permitted to say, "Stay Off My Property and Keep Your Hands Off My Money" and mean it and have that claim respected by everyone?

What do you mean when (if) you say, "Stay Off My Property and Keep Your Hands Off My Money"?


  1. Perhaps it was a bit Freudian that he felt "his property" included the entirity of the United States. A statist for sure.

    If I say keep your hands off my money it goes for anybody who would infringe upon that, and these days it's government, not illegals or radical muslims.

  2. Kyle I think You are closer to understanding this. I tried to explain to Matt that exact point. If You are Gov't Stay away, Don't tax me you have no right. Yes, Stay off my property also, Fuckin Matt could find a better way to spend his time surely, Don't tell me what I can or cannot do. I have a restraining order on my soon to be Ex wife. She comes to my house and thinks she has a right to my stuff, kind of like Keep away holding on to me anyway she can, and trying to soak me for my money. I don't like being forced to coerce, by having my rights taken away or my property. Thieves are not welcome on my property, lawful or unlawful. How can we survive as a Republic if you let the Politicians decide who gets what or what can or can't have Fuck Them and Fuck all the spineless idiots who would not defend themselves against an invasion whether It be from a Overzealous Government or an Illegal Alien that wants to Steal something from my Home. Or a Bunch of Psycho Muslims who want to destroy my country and it's values. This is kind of interesting that Matt has made me try to think of what he obsessed about and I have to Laugh. I am a Constitutionalist, Stay off my property or you get Plugged, Towel head or Illegal or Straight-up asshole. Keep your hands off my Money, Gov't Using laws to destroy the fabric of our Nation. Illegals who take our work or steal, ex's with a penchant or any foreign entity that wants my land and rights Like Hillary Clinkton or Barry Suckthis O ' Doushebag. Fuck This 200 members in three Days I think others know exactly what I'm For. Sovereignty You Bastards. LOL

  3. It's so cute watching children struggle with language skills.

  4. Frank, I would prefer you not resort to the language you used, as my kids read this. Did I come over to your "property" and start throwing around curse words? Aren't you able to communicate without that?

    I was starting to get the impression from some of what you said that you did agree that even government entities should stay off your property and keep their hands off your stuff. Like I said, I could have asked you on your FB page, but it had been a few days since I had posted to my blog and I wanted to do that, so I just asked the questions over here. Thanks for verifying. So, you and I are pretty much on the same page. That's why I said your second statement, "An Islamist takeover Will Not Be Tolerated ..." seemed more consistent with the name of the group. Any attempt at a Muslim takeover of the government of the U.S. is an attempt to "go on your property" and should be treated as such. The simple practicing of a religion is not. Therefore any attempt to tell someone they can't practice a religion is inconsistent with the position you espouse.

    frogfarm, your statement really carries no communicative value with it. What is it you are saying? cute? children? language skills? Are you speaking of me, specifically? Can you identify for me the language skills with which I am struggling? What was the point of making that statement? I'm always happy to learn.

  5. Matt: I was referring to Frank.

  6. @frogfarm
    Oh, okay. I see what you mean.

    I asked because I do get some criticism on my writing. My brother called my first entry "tortured" in referring to my efforts to make my point. My wife said it was convoluted and confusing. I'm working on my writing and welcome any criticisms of my efforts to communicate.